Seattle Black Feminists


Seattle Black Feminists is a meet-up group that began towards the end of 2014. It was created in order to find and build community among Black folks in the city who are Black feminists & Womanists, and those who had an interest in these identities. Since its inception SBF has grown into a very dynamic and multifaceted space that creates our own safe and sacred list of events, and also supports others in Seattle.

SBF meets up at BLACK-OWNED businesses! The only exception to this, of course, is if there’s just no way around it (like if we go to a movie). We hang out, eat, drink & be merry and shoot the breeze or whatever else we decide to do. This blog lists our meet-ups, some intermittent ramblings from the SBF creator, and various other happenings in the city (& on occasion if something is scarce and phenomenal, in the surrounding areas). These are explicitly Black feminist & Womanist, Black feminist-centric, those organized and presented by Black feminists or those Black feminists  & Womanists will find inviting.