Seattle Black Feminists


Q: I’m White! Can I come to your meetups and hang outs and movie nights and your SBF Book Club meetings, too? I’m a feminist! 
A: No.

Q: I’m a Black trans woman! Can I participate in events you host that are exclusively for Black women?
A: If we host an event exclusively for Black women, if you identify as a Black woman you can participate. If we host an event exclusively for Black women and you do not identify as a Black woman, you cannot participate.

Q: I’m a Black male, can I come to your meetups and Book Club meetings, too? I’m a feminist!
A: Yes We hang with Black feminists of all genders.

Q: I’m biracial, mixed with Black. Am I allowed in your meetups, or is this not the place for me and will I be discriminated against?
A: Race is a complicated thing. Seattle Black Feminists are made up of many different people. You won’t be discriminated against.

Q: Can I bring my kids?
A: Black people have always been made to separate ourselves from our children — and we don’t support that here. Unless we’re going somewhere little ones are not allowed (i.e. the bar, a tattoo parlor), your children are welcome to any and all of our events. We do not provide babysitting or childcare; there is no reason they cannot or should not be involved in our activities.

Q: Why are some of your posts password protected?
A: This is a meetup site — an arena for local Black feminists. Some of the information about location —     i.e. someone’s home address, as one example, is sensitive, and is not intended for the elusive world wide web, but only for those in the local vicinity.

Q: Is Seattle Black Feminists on Facebook?
A: Nope.

Q: Can I submit an event to the SBF blog?
A: Yes. As long as it’s Black feminist-centric or an event Black feminists find fitting then you can send it over via the contact page or submit through email: seattleblackfeminists(at)gmail(dot)com


2 comments on “FAQs

  1. Jo Ann
    September 11, 2016

    Hi. Could you explain your answer to question #1 above with answer to question # 4 ?
    Whitey feminist here and reading Waking up White and The Half has Never been Told at the moment.
    Thank you. Jo Ann


    • Seattle Black Feminists
      February 7, 2018

      White women are not allowed at meetups. Biracial folks (for example someone who is Black and white) who feel they identify moreso with their Afro roots (as per one drop, hypodescent historical rules have dictated) if they choose, can participate.

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