The Seattle/Black Feminist Black Feminist Library is a lending library available to the community and currently has a (meager) collection of movies, films, documentaries, texts and audiobooks. You can borrow anything on the list whenever you want — all you have to do is check them out at their central location. We think it’s super important to have spaces dedicated to highlighting work done by and about Black feminists, Black women who are feminists, Black feminist theory, Womanism and those that encompass very strong elements of these perspectives — viewing things — history, thoughts, fiction and non-fiction and various ideas via a particular vantage point. Not only does this provide an additional site of analysis, allowing viewers to examine different angles of these perspectives, but it absolutely disrupts the white male and white female mainstream narrative that is entirely too prevalent in media.

We recognize that people of the Black and African diaspora around the world, contribute to the conversation which means our scope expands beyond U.S. boundaries. Our goal is to highlight how Black & Afro-feminisms are practiced, narrated, and produced on a global basis and have this reflected in our library.

An important thing to note is that simply having a Black woman (even in a leading role) does not qualify material as Black feminist. If you’re interested in knowing our thoughts on Black feminism in films and what helps determine what makes it into our library you should read this post.

To start an account, fill out this form which basically says you’ll respect our material. If it’s late you’ll pay a fee, if something becomes lost or damaged while checked out by you then you’ll pay for it, and that you’ll respect independent Black women filmmakers and authors that stipulate no copying and/or posting their material on the web — or anywhere else, no screening it to paid audiences.

Questions? Ask away!

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One thought on “S/BFL

  1. It never dawned on me that Black women & feminism could be expressed in horror films, even though I love watching horror movies. This is because I’ve usually only ever thought about non-fiction, or fiction films that were based on Black women’s written works that were then based on their lived experiences or on history (The Color Purple for example). I came across this article by Black Girl Nerds that really shed light on Black women & feminism in horror films, and it inspired me to add the titles the author suggested (28 Days Later, Alien vs. Predator, and Tales from the Crypt) to this library: http://blackgirlnerds.com/black-women-and-feminism-in-horror-films/

    A bit more searching and I found the video below called ‘Race, Feminism, and Horror’ on YouTube talking about the subjects, their complexities and the overrepresentation of whiteness and white womanhood when it comes to horror films:

    Someone who commented on the Black Girl Nerds article mentioned a horror film by a Black feminist — WAKE a short film by the super hero Black feminist confederate flag destroya, Bree Newsome. The description of the movie says ‘A repressed woman murders her domineering father, freeing herself to pursue her heart’s desire. Using a local folk magic called “root work”, she conjures a demon to aid her in creating the man of her dreams– but soon finds herself in a waking nightmare.’ I watched it — it’s about 22 minutes long and is insanely incredible. – acquanda


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