Seattle Black Feminists

Open Dialogue with Afro-Ecuadorian Hip Hop Artist BLACK MAMA

Join us for an open dialogue with MAS and Black Mama!

Black Mama (Costa de Esmeraldas, Ecuador, 1988) is a woman with an overwhelming energy, a brutal speech and an incredible talent to express her emotions and her life force through Hip Hop. Black Mama’s career has been constant and of wide recognition and social impact in South America. However, living and working conditions for women in a large part of the world force them, at times, to relegate their professional careers. Faithful heiress of the ideals of her grandmother and Afro culture her performativity has allowed her to be many women from where to look at others and look at herself. Black is the fist held high by Angela Davis, the resistance and the truth of Sojourner Truth, but above all, it is her commitment and word made Hip-Hop.

This event is sponsored by the Movimiento Afrolatino Seattle, The Station and Women Who Rock (Un)Conference.

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Ven al diálogo con MAS y Black Mama!

Black Mama (Costa de Esmeraldas, Ecuador, 1988) es una mujer con una energía arrolladora, un discurso brutal y un talento increíble para expresar sus emociones y su fuerza vital a través del Hip Hop. La carrera de Black Mama ha sido constante y de amplio reconocimiento e impacto social en Sudamérica. Sin embargo, las condiciones de vida y de trabajo para las mujeres en buena parte del mundo las obligan, en ocasiones, a relegar sus carreras profesionales. Fiel heredera de los ideales de su abuela y de la cultura afro su performatividad le ha permitido ser muchas mujeres desde donde mirar a otras y mirarse a sí misma. Black es el puño en alto de Ángela Davis, la resistencia y la verdad de Sojourner Truth, pero sobre todo, es su compromiso y palabra hecha Hip- Hop.

Este evento está auspiciado por el Movimiento Afrolatino Seattle, The Station y el Women Who Rock (Un)Conference.

When: Monday, March 12
Where: The Station, 1600 S Roberto Maestas Festival St (directly off the Beacon Hill rail stop)
Time: 8:00-9:30 pm
Cost: FREE


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