Seattle Black Feminists

Beyond Bold and Brave 2nd Bi-Annual Black Lesbian Conference, NYC

The second bi-annual Black Lesbian Conference themed Work As Memoir, is scheduled for July. Registration is not yet open, but it soon will be so there’s time to plan. There’s also still time to facilitate a workshop if you’d like — see website for details.

Since there’s not another conference like it in the country (or in many other countries no doubt) and it is an important space of community and affirmation, like the first one in 2016, SBF will pay registration for one participant who identifies as a Black lesbian and who would like to attend  (you are responsible for all other accommodations). Since there are only a total of about 5 Black lesbians in the city of Seattle and surrounding areas combined, this gesture is open to anyone who lives in the state of Washington. Just contact seattleblackfeminists(at)gmail(dot)com.

Some reasons for the Black Lesbian Conference:

Even with more resources being dedicated to LGBTQ issues, Black/African Descent lesbians are still consistently marignalized with few public spaces dedicated to addressing issues unique to us. This marginalization unfortunately continues in shared Black LGBTQ spaces which results in Black/African descent lesbian lives, issues and contributions being systematically minimalized or dismissed. This also occurs in  in shared Black LGBTQ  in lesbian specific/welcoming or women-only spaces which frequently address “women of color” issues and refuse to genuinely address the unique challenges black/african descent lesbians constantly face. With this marginalization comes less to no funding or other resources that address our needs. Because of this, alyce d. emory and Kim L. Ford, two NYC community workers & activitsts, developed Beyond Bold And Brave, as a solution to this issue. Source, read more here:

When: July 20-22 Dates changed — new date: July 27-29
Where: Barnard Center for Research on Women, Barnard College, New York City
Time: Conference schedule varies
Cost: Registration not yet open
Phone: (646) 836-8696


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