Seattle Black Feminists

‘New Suns’: An SBF Writing Retreat


“There’s nothing new under the sun, but there are new suns.” Octavia Butler

New Suns is the first annual Seattle Black Feminists (SBF) writing retreat. It is a time for Black women to come together in this sacred space and support each other’s writing process; to light the path of another’s journey. Written and oral narratives have been a way Black women have waged resistance and transformed our communities. Then and now, Black women have literally written ourselves and each other into existence.

We will converge in Maple Falls, Washington, at the beautiful and serene Peaceful Mountain Retreat Center from July 15-17, 2016. Through independent writing, group discussions, and workshops, approximately 20 Black women will collectively explore literary traditions. We anticipate this time to be resistive, sacred, and transformative, and will showcase the power of words in written or spoken form.

Our powerful time together will include Black feminist discussion conversations, sharing circles, writing sessions, and time for each attendee to explore the beautiful outdoor atmosphere, relax in the sauna and/or participate in self-directed yoga.

In addition to workshops, there will be plenty of time allocated for you to work on your current project, whether it is a dissertation, thesis, novel, or writing in a journal all weekend long. Please not that being a ‘writer’ is not required. Those from all levels, whether beginning, professional, or those who are just interested in convening in this space and learning what it means to write in the Black feminist tradition, are welcome.

Friday, July 15, 11:00 am – Sunday, July 17, 4:00 pm

The full schedule is forthcoming, below are the confirmed workshops:

Written Narratives & Oral Traditions: Two Sides of the Same Coin?
Writing in the Black Feminist Tradition – acquanda

Acquanda will facilitate this workshop. Through dialogue and exploring past and current works, we will explore what it means to write in the Black feminist tradition. How have heterosexual Black feminists written differently from Black lesbian feminists ? Do Black feminists on other continents center the same topics as Black feminists in America? We will highlight these and more, as well as how Black feminists have written themselves into existence, used writing as a tool of resistance, and gain insight on what sets this material apart from other works by Black women.

Memoir & Biomythography — Samantha

During our time together, we will discuss how and why as Black feminists we can share personal stories in written form. Through the use of writing prompts and excerpts of Audre Lorde’s Zami, workshop attendees will begin their own memoirs. Feel free to bring a memoir in progress, or a personal essay that you’ve been working on.

Chapbook [Making] as an anti-Capitalist Intervention — Meshell

This workshop will focus on self publishing through chapbooks. Chapbooks are typically small publications that emphasize the connection between text and form by focusing on paper, folds, and various binding styles. They are in the same family as zines and artists’ books. We each will craft our own chapbook (text is not required) while discussing the subversive nature of artists’ books.

All-inclusive cost is $300.00 per adult, $160.00 per child (ages 3-9)

Our retreat is open to attendees of any genre, who identify as both Black and woman.

For consideration in attending, in up to 250 words please tell us a little bit about yourself, why and or how the SBF Writers Retreat would be helpful to you and what you hope to gain by attending. Use the Contact Form on this website, or email us directly: seattleblackfeminists(at)gmail(dot)com. Make sure you include your name, email, and phone number. If you would like to call in instead with the information on attending, you can do so by dialing 360. 620. 7450.

Because we receive an overwhelming amount of responses for retreat participation and space is limited, should you hear back you must confirm and pay for you spot within 48 hours of being notified (or make an arrangement with a deposit) or your name will be removed and we will offer it to the next person on the list. We will send notifications, via Eventbrite, at the beginning of June so make sure you keep an eye on your email.

This is a sober retreat. Along with this, we encourage intentional disconnections from electronic devices, in order to create and maintain an atmosphere of community and connections. *There is no cell service in this area.


1 Full scholarship is available for an individual with multiple intersecting identities.
Few partial scholarships available.
Contact us for details.

Support this retreat by visiting our YouCaring page and donating what you can.

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